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Chag HaSmicha Kiddush

After being delayed for two years due to COVID-19, Yeshiva University will be holding its Chag HaSmicha for rabbis ordained between 5778 and 5780 on October 31st.  This includes our own Rabbi Keil.  

We will be celebrating Rabbi Keil's milestone with a gala kiddush in shul on October 30th, and we hope you will join us as a sponsor of this community event.  Please visit for more information, and to join as a sponsor.

Learning Opportunities

Early Riser's Talmud Class with Rabbi Ravitz

7:30am Sunday
6:00am Monday-Friday

This Week in the Parsha with Rabbi Keil

11am Tuesday in the YIPPJC library

Halacha Shiur with Rabbi Godick

12:30am Wednesday in the YIPPJC library

Inspiration in the Parsha with Mrs. Phyllis Goldstein

Two hours before Mincha on Shabbat Afternoon

Tractate Rosh Hashana with Rabbi Keil

45 minutes before Mincha on Shabbat Afternoon

Women's Rosh Chodesh Group with Rebbetzin Keil

6:30pm on the first Wednesday of the Jewish Month in the YIPPJC library

Community Questionaire

We are making an effort to make sure that we have relevant and up to date information for all of our members.  Click here to update your information online, or click here to download a paper form that you can fill out and return to the office.

End-of-Life Planning Form

End-of-life issues are often challenging to discuss, but having a clear record of your intentions regarding end-of-life plans can help ensure that when the time comes, your family, friends, and support network are in the best position to see that your final wishes are carried out appropriately.

We recommend that you complete this form and return it to the synagogue office, so that we will be in the best possiblel position to help when the time comes.

Fri, October 22 2021 16 Cheshvan 5782